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Enna Bharani in Aroor is one of the leading Manufacturers in the Virgin Cocounut oil(Chakkil Attiya Velichenna) and Organic Curry Powder products.

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Enna Bharani is a Virgin Coconut oil(Chakkil Attiya Nadan Velichenna),organic,homemade products shop located at Aroor in Alappuzha district of Kerala.We source best quality products and ensure its safe delivery to your doorstep.


Enna Bharani to provide top service in the following categories: Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturers,chakkil attiya velichenna Manufacturers ,Dry Fruit dealers,Organic Masala Powder Manufacturers,Organic Curry Powder Manufacturers,Organic Spices Powder Manufacturers ,Sesame Oil Manufacturers,Traditional Snack Makers.


Our Coconut oil are made from best quality Coconuts which are collected directly from the farmers and 100% raw coconut hot pressed with traditional method to produce virgin coconut oil.Our Virgin coconut oil is helpful preventing skin infections.

Why Enna Bharani?

Enna Bharani is your one stop place to buy any localized natural and high quality homemade products from across Kerala.We pledge to deliver a wide array of best organic,homemade and quality consumer products.

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