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Highrange Products Shop is located at Thammanam in Ernakulm District of Kerala. .We are the Wholesale & Retail Distributor of Organic spices,Cocunut Oil,Tea Powders,Dry Fruits and Other Products .Highrange Products sell only fresh and organic products with fair price.


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Our produce is sourced from local growers and a wide range network of agents and suppliers globally to bring you the finest produce available.Highrange has a commitment to quality,value & timeliness and is accustomed to achieving it every time.

Why Highrange Products?

Established in the year 2010,Highrange Propducts in Thammanam,Ernakulam is a top player in the category Spice Products Wholesalers in the Ernakulam. Highrange Products stands as one of the best among spices dealers in Ernakulam.

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