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Kalyani Sweets is a best Bakeries & sweet shop located at South Chitoor in Ernakulam District,Kerala .We invite you to stop by one of our showrooms and experience what we have to offer.


Kalyani Sweets is one of the best bakeries in South Chitoor Kochin.We make Fresh and different varieties of snacks , sweets,Chips and cakes and ensure great quality for our product.

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For those who are living in Kochin, Kalyani Sweets should be involved atleast once in their lifetime because of the Specialist in Cake manufacturering.


Kalyani Sweets was established in 1984 and for the past 30 years the bakery has maintained its high quality and service at reasonable price. Kalyani Sweets is one of the most famous Bakeries in South chitoor,Kochin.

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